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About West Gadsden Funeral Home and Rev. Grady E. Robinson, Jr.
Rev. Grady E. Robinson, Jr. was born  January 18, 1970 in Alex City, Alabama.  Many who know him say that he was born with the desire and dream of owning a funeral home and helping others.  Rev. Robinson began his destiny in the funeral business at the early age of 12-years-old.  Living in a rural area in Gadsden was not a hinderance for Rev. Robinson.  He was determined that he would walk several miles and hitchhike to local funeral homes to learn the business.  With the help of friends and local funeral home owners in Gadsden, he began as a funeral attendant and limo driver.  His dream of owning a funeral home intensified with the loss of his friend early in life.  He then realized why the dream of owning a funeral home was so deeply rooted within his spirit.  It was his destiny to provide families with quality and affordable funeral services. 


Because of his passion, desire, and hard work, Rev. Robinson not only had a desire and dream of owning a funeral home, but he is also the pastor of Mission Baptist Church, which he began 19 years ago.  Aside from all of this, Rev. Robinson also has three children, who love him dearly:  Gregory, Dantez, and Loreal Robinson. 


Rev. Robinson was extremely proud and honored God again extended his favor to him and blessed him with a funeral home in the state of Alabama.  West Gadsden Funeral Home was established in Gadsden, AL on Father’s Day in 1994, and is one of the fastest growing African American Funeral Homes in North Alabama.  His cup runneth over when God saw fit for him to open his own funeral home in Gadsden, AL.    


At a young age, Rev. Robinson worked very closely with the community by donating his time and finances throughout the Gadsden community.  He has a passionate belief in helping others and giving his last dime.  He has opened his home and business to many people, and taken them in as if they were his own.  Many prominent ministers, pastors, business owners, and productive citizens recognize him as having always been a person who is loved by many.  He has had a great affect on the lives of many people.  Rev. Robinson’s motto is “Don’t get it all at once.” 

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